After hurricane Irma


As you all know, hurricane Irma ripped through the Leeward Islands, with some of the worst devastation in the area of St. Martin, St. Barts and Anguilla/Antigua.    We have been monitoring the situation very carefully for the last few weeks to assess the situation.   Although our trip is primarily driven by the availability of our rental villa, we also had to take into consideration the availability and reliability of power and Internet connections, which are rapidly being restored on St. Barts.   We received word today from our agent that our villa suffered no significant damage from the wind.   Since we are on a bluff looking to the north and east, we did not have any water damage or flooding.

The other consideration is the availability of flights to St. Martin, where all of us are flying to.   For the SP’s, our flight from Paris to St. Martin was diverted to Guadeloupe, at least for the time being.   K1CC’s flight from Atlanta has been unaffected.    As we write this report, hurricane Maria has just passed through Guadeloupe and the surrounding islands and there are reports of widespread damage in Guadeloupe.   We do not have further details at this time.

It appears that there will be hotels available in St. Martin by the time we arrive, should they be needed.   There are several ferry companies that shuttle between St. Martin and St. Barts (1/2 hr ride).   Not all are functioning and the ports have not been completely cleared, they are currently limited to cargo transport.   The SP’s have reservations to St. Barts by a small airplane so that should not be an issue.   The airports on both islands are functional and are currently used for relief supplies and evacuating guests.   With two months remaining, we are confident both airports will be restored to normal operation.

So barring any further surprises, we are all set to go!

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