Yesterday the 5-person Polish part of the TO2SP DXpedition met at the QTH of Janusz SP6IXF in order to make our final preparations before departure.  We distributed all our baggage among the participants such that we would not exceed our individual baggage allowance.   We also checked the volume of the trunk in our car to make sure everything would fit — no last minute surprises!.

We’ll be driving the car to Berlin.  In addition to the standard baggage allowance, we purchased 100 kg of excess baggage which includes the antennas and the amplifiers.  We just hope that everything will arrive safely in St. Barts.

The most critical part of our trip is the change of airport in Paris since we only have 3 hours to pick up our baggage and get from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Orly airport, on the opposite southern side of Paris.   It is theoretically possible — or so we have been told.

Once again we discussed our operating strategy on each of the bands with the goal of maximizing the number of QSO’ s during our 2-week stay.  Upon arrival, Jurek SP3GEM and Janusz SP6IXF will take over as DXpedition leaders, they have the most experience related to antennas and propagation.  Our QSO record so far is over 85,000 QSO’s during our 5T0SP DXpedition in 2012.

Because of the current low sunspot activity, it doesn’t seem possible to beat that number but we’ll do whatever we can to at least come close.  Our antennas and location will be favorable toward achieving that goal.   We’re counting on a large number of QSO’s with North America.

With that goal in mind, we have changed our operating frequencies during the DXpedition to ones more accessible to Novice/Technician and General class hams in the USA.  We also hope that the FT8 mode will enable QSO’s even in poor condtions on 10m and 6m.   We’ll have a station dedicated just to that mode.  Due to lack of log synchronization between WSJT-X, QSO Director and Win-Test, QSO’s using the FT8 mode will be entered into Club Log just once a day.

And of course we look forward to working everyone in CQWW CW, whether you’ve worked us previously or not.

See you in the pileups!

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