Day 4 (Nov 18) — Baggage arrived (almost!)

As usual, good news and bad news (but mostly good!).   Our daily trip to the airport yesterday resulted in 3 out of 5 remaining pieces of baggage arriving.  There are still 2 pieces somewhere in the Caribbean with our 3rd and 4th radios…   The good news is that the bags that arrived had all of our antennas.   Last night in the dark we put up the multiband vertical lashed to the front gate of the property and finally got on 40m.   We were surprised at the massive pileup for hours and hours on such a simple antenna and 500W.   At our local sunrise we ran JA’s until they faded into the ionosphere.

In the meantime, the rest of the crew started preassembling the other antennas last night.   At 5:30 AM we started putting up our “real” antennas.   We found a good spot for the Spiderbeam and put up several VDA’s for the other high bands.   We also retuned our vertical back to 30m which was temporarily modified for 20m.   It is now 9 AM and we have all the high band antennas up.   We’ll be putting the 40m and 80m phased verticals today and will hopefully be on the low bands tonight, at last.  We’ve also staked out a beverage location for Europe and another one to the US/JA.   If not today, it’ll go up tomorrow.   We’re looking forward to giving out the 160m “new one” to all those needing it.   Our location has turned out to be very quiet and with the beverage antennas, we look forward to working everyone on 160!

All our daytime antennas are ready, during the day we put up our night antennas as well as beverages

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