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We are happy to report that all members of our TO2SP team arrived safely back home on Friday late evening. Unfortunately the same was not true of our 8 main pieces of baggage with our amplifiers, antennas, computers and other equipment.  This happened despite the fact that all our baggage was loaded on a cargo flight from St. Barts (SBH) immediately after our flight to Guadeloupe, but somehow never made it to the transalantic flight.  We filed a lost baggage claim in Berlin and we were promised delivery of our baggage to the home address of SP6EQZ.  Today one piece of luggage was discovered in Tuluza France for some unknown reason.

From our experience with baggage delays going to St. Barts, we anticipated this would happen and took the time to upload all of our logs into Club Log and saved them on a backup USB drive.  After merging all of our logs (including FT8 QSO’s) it turns out we have 67,261 QSO’s in the log, which is a new record for all 2017 DXpeditions.

We are receiving requests for corrections to our log and will be processing all of them in the next two weeks.  These will all be adjudicated and a corrected log will uploaded to Club Log at that time.  We suggest that if you do not see all of your QSO’s  in Club Log to please send your OQRS request after that two week period.    E-mail requests for these additional QSO’s will be not taken  into consideration,  please use OQRS only.

All TO2SP DXpedition sponsors visible on the right side-bar will have priority in receiving their QSL and LOTW upload without the need for an OQRS reques

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